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Mahjong Solitaire - Open Source game for Mac OS

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Hello there.


Last week I got curious and started to play this Mahjong Solitaire (erroneously called by many of Mahjong only, which is another completely different game) game on a website, liked it and tried to find a Mac version to play it when I am offline. Unfortunately all the versions I found were either paid, horrible or used those eastern characters on the tiles, that only confuse my mind. For this reason I decided to make my very own version and also to make it open!


Since I have already reached a stage where the game is playable, I decided to come here share it with you.


It is for Mac OS X only since I decided to experiment with cocoa controls instead of using a rendering language such as OpenGL, because I wanted to make something really lightweight and I believe my knowledge of Cocoa is much greater than my knowledge of OpenGL.


For now it works only with a small "map" (if we can call it like that) of 10x8x4 tiles. All the tiles are rendered, which means the only images I use are those of the icons and the background.


I have already made some other games, mostly in Java and C#, but this is the first game I make in Objective-C that reaches a polished, nice version.


Anyway, here is a screenshot:

[attachment=16117:Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 00.05.39.png]


Here is the link to download a compiled version of the latest commit: Download

And here is the link to the source code: GitHub


The compiled version is not signed because I am only enrolled as an iOS developer.


That's it! Please, if you can, give it a try, and please leave comments!

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Cool thanks for sharing.  I will now spend most of my lunch break reading your source code.


Haha thank you. I should remember you that I do not guarantee my code is correct by means of optimization or anything else. If you find a mistake of a space for improvement, I will be glad to listen. smile.png

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