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Lonely Tune

Just some Q...

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Hi all! Im really new at this so i wonder if u could give me some answers. 1. How many % does a development team get from the sale via a puplisher? 2. How many copys does a game sell if its a good game etc.? 3. Is it common that u send a demo to a puplisher before u start the hard work? 4. Where do u find a puplisher? 5. How much does a programer/graphic designer/musician earn a year? 6. How much does normally a game cost to produce? 7. How long time does it take? All for now folks!!!

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Geez. Why not keep it simple and go for opinions on the Warren Commission and ask who *did* kill Cock Robin... ;-)

I''ll give it a whirl, though...

1. Depends on who you are and how good you are at negotiating. 15% is about "normal".

2. A lot.

3. The trick is to make sure that whatever you spend on a game is not *your* money. With that in mind, you try to get a publisher involved as soon in the development process as possible. Unless, of course, you''re a stubborn cuss who wants to do his own games and doesn''t mind selling them on his own too.

4. Over there.

5. Somewhere between enough to survive and "Woo hoo! New Viper!" I think most are clustered on the low end...

6. Enough that you''ll seldom, if ever, actually see royalties from it.

7. Too.

Hope this helps.

Samu Games

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For your answers to 6 and 7 you might want to take a look at the "post-mortems" on the www.gamasutra.com site. At the end of the post mortem they usually list the size of the development team, the budget and the time to launch.

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