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3ds max extended "customized" "primitives"

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ankhd    2304


you could select a mesh and attach the other objects..I dont have 3dsmax here so cant tell you the setps.

select a object edit polly attach

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lucky6969b    1330

I think your way is the proper way of doing it. But I'd like to run circles after discovering this.

This coding has a thingy called superClassOf GeometryClass, anywhere I can turn it to a group object and exclude GeometryClass?

I am looking everywhere for a reference to no avail.

Let me know.


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3Ddreamer    3826



There is way to do this in Max and it is too clumsy and time consuming to me, so I use Wings 3D to merge many things, including scenes, but sometimes the basic info is merged and things like shaders added later.  Blender can merge scenes but I have never used it for that. It is so important to get as much of the geometry done as possible - preferably all - before even working with a UV map and/or textures, materials, and shaders among other things.


Blender, 3DS Max, and Wings 3D are all used by me based on workflow pipeline needs.  I even on occasion use Deep Exploration, Milkshake 3D, or plug-ins for 3D programs such as Panda and Collada.  You will eventually be forced to expand to other programs, too, so the sooner you get accustomed to several programs the better for you.  This strategy will open your creativity and innovation to amounts achievable only this way.



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