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Infinity95    324

It all started when i was 13-14 years old. Back then my dad came to me and gave me some books about HTML and CSS and said to me if i learned to do all of the stuff taught in the books he'd buy me more books for more advanced stuff like PHP. So i started and eventually created a few easy websites (with frames at that time. I shudder at the thought that i used frames back then) and as a result got a few more books of my dad. I started writing small dynamic websites with PHP and was very active in a forum related to web development. The biggest thing i ever created for Web stuff was a whole content management system like Joomla (not as good but it had most of the important features). At that time i was 15.


Then i stopped for 1-2 years and was only playing games. I tried to do stuff with c++ a few times in that time but always got frustrated because i didn't get any major results and stopped shortly after.

Then after those roughly 1 and a half years i started learning c++ again with a few books my dad bought for me. Now i'm 18 and am still learning but i'm now much better than before. I recently started a new project and am trying to finish it this time. (All previous projects where abandoned because i either didn't have time for it or i was so frustrated of something that i just gave up) But now i'm past some big hurdles and its starting to all make sense.

My current project is a 2d Game written in c++ from ground up (only libraries used are D3D sqlite and boost) which i mainly see as a big learning experience. Next year i'm going to finish my Abitur(secondary education final exam) and then go to university and take computer science courses.

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DareDeveloper    1018

Pretty cool stories. Can't really remember many specifics ... but the first contact was on a Commodore 64 ... basic stuff. I think when Monkey Island 1 or 2 was new my brother and me tried writing something similar with ASCII art, but we soon realized that it wasn't satisfying at all.


Later (no idea when ... at something between age 12 and 17 I guess) I used some Basic (QBasic? GW-Basic? no idea) to write a hotel manager ... where you saw one room and as you bought things you could see them (a bed, a closet ... a pool through the window).


Then I took a course in high school where we learned Pascal and I did pretty well.

I tried to get into game programming with the help of Gamedev, NeHe and similar stuff. I am horrible at self-educating ... I found one cool tutorial though, which explained the thought process as well as the actual code. That helped me finish a breakout / tetris combination using SDL.

I kept rewriting engines without really knowing enough about software architecture. Not sure why I stopped exactly.


I didn't want to become a programmer because sitting in front of a screen the whole time was never my idea of fun.

When I tried to study something else (mechatronics) I realized that I suck at everything else in this world.


After failing at university I found an academy for people who failed elsewhere ... and again I did pretty well there. It was all about Java and serious (or seriously boring?) business.

After that I got a job that I did for 4.5 years. Right now I am looking for a job again AND thinking about getting into game development again as well.

The problem is: I don't want to dive in too deep. I want to be an all-rounder and I like design, abstraction and automation more than actually fiddling with algorithms and data structures.


I'd really love to work on my own projects and make money that way, but I have neither the money nor the business knowledge.

So now I hate my life. Fuck me, right?

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CoffeeCoder    521

Mine is really simple.

In late 2006 (I was about 15), I became interested in learning how games were made. Naturally, I did a Google search for "game making software" and up popped a link for The Game Creators and DarkBASIC, a still at-the-time decent programming tool. I downloaded the trial version and followed some tutorials, and pretty soon caught the programming bug!

Then, after my family moved in late 2007, I started learning other languages. A little bit of Python but mostly C#, and I dabbled a bit in C++ and Java but eventually went back to DarkBASIC for a while to finish a couple of projects. That didn't work out, although I did learn a lot about programming in the process! I made myself a decent little level editor for a specific project, but never completed it.

I stopped for a couple of years and only worked occasionally on small things; taking lessons for C# and XNA was what I mostly did, until Microsoft killed XNA for good. 

Stopped for another year or so, and then I found Unity3D and have been learning it ever since! Coding/scripting is so much easier in it, and it's nice to get instant results. But sometimes, I do think it would be fun to actually code my games from scratch, and actually develop the engine myself. :P

Anyway, that's my story!

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