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What is the best ad framework for android?

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SillyCow    1461

I have preiously used ad-mob to advertise on android.

I have used them because it was simple to use and came with the SDK.


I was wondering, what do people around here recommend for in game advertising?

Should I stick with ad-mob?


By the way, I do not want to use any spammy advertising: Notification bars, and ones that install random apps on your desktop.


So I am looking for something effective, but I don't want to do anything evil to the user's device.

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SimonForsman    7642

Tapjoy is fairly popular and also ties in really well with in-app purchases (as tapjoy can award the user your virtual currency for completing ad-related tasks (such as completing surveys, downloading and running apps or making purchases)


You can also use tapjoy to market your game (Then players of games like Dawn of Dragons can earn in game currency for that game if they download and try your game(You can even require them to for example complete level X in your game before they get their reward giving you a decent shot at getting them hooked as well (+ you only have to pay for the users who actually complete the specified action))

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