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Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox Project

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Face Book Page: Dark Phantom Studios

Indie DB Page: Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox

Kick Starter Project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...of-jericho-fox




Game Level Setup


Nigel's Corporation Building is the first episode of Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox, taking place in 1912 London. Jericho Fox (the player) has arrived to Nigel's office on the 20th floor to give the urn of Osiris and the urn of Horus, which he has stolen from the temple of Horus to his employer Nigel Waitfeild. After Jericho and Nigel have made an agreement for the jewel to be his payment instead of money, Nigel accidentally reads the magical incantation on the back of the urn of Osiris and releases Seth Egyptian god of Chaos from his eternal prison. Jericho must now escape the building before Seth's essence consumes the entire building, the people inside, and him along with it.


Primary Player Focus


The primary focus of the first playable is for the player to escape the building while evading dangerous obstacles, fighting off human corpses that are possessed and avoiding Seth's essence, which is consuming the entire building and everyone inside. The player must go through six floors (10th Floor to the 5th Floor) and adapt to the changing environment that is occurring on each floor. The player will have a crowbar as a weapon, no accessories, and a few health-packs to aid them. They only have Jericho Fox's caution and paranoia to give hints and directions to progress through each floor.





Primary Player Focus


Present day Jericho Fox (The Player) will have to manage his time while dodging and or temporarily defeating all the Demon corpses to retrieve the 5 treasures of RA out of the temple while using the power-ups and rewards wisely.


Level Goal


-To get all treasures out of the temple and onto the boat before time runs out.


Level Game Play Mechanics in a 3D Construct. [Virtual World Environment]


(a) Core Mechanics


- The player must go against a non-stop army of Demon Corpses, and retrieve 5 treasures from the 1st Pylon of the Temple of Ra, and take them to his/her boat one at a time.


(b) Other Mechanics

- Close and long Range combat


Level Look and Feel


Location: - Ancient Wawat (or the legendary Ybsambul) in Nubia. Mid-day Setting with The temple visuals exactly like the references found for it keeping it close to a realistic.




The current projects we are working on are Revelations: C.O.J.F: Awakening (Episode 1) and Revelations: C.O.J.F: Treasures of Ra (Survival Feature) both are currently in Prototype Stage and we are progressing towards our First Playable. A playable alpha release soon as possible and the game will run on Windows, and will be Downloadable once we have our server set up.


We will do our best to have C.O.J.F (Episode 1) done by the end of this year.  We are currently finding opportunities for side funding to progress in our production schedule meaning, better software, equipment, and time to focus fully on this project.   With regular updates, and we will begin work in progress on our next project. 
































We are putting all our skills into our production.  A playable prototype will be ready very soon, and we are going to promote this especially to our fans who listed with us as watchers, and for that we want to thank you for your comments, and critics.  With this Prototype we hope you guys will give us fair comments, and keep in mind it’s a prototype.  







Hello everyone, my name is Steven Barrion and I started this studio a while ago with a colleague of mine named Donnell Gammage. We consist of a few members from different parts of the world. We all have been educated in variety of Digital Art, 3D Modeling, Animation,

and Programming. Even though all of us aren't able to communicate physically because we don't live in the same region we all work as if we are together in one building, we communicate, and do our best to be as professional as possible. We have had our share of  trials and errors, but we always give 110%, and I can't ask for anything more than that from my teammates.




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Kick starter is an ideal place for us, because we can work directly potential fans, and that is what we really want. We want to become connected with you guys as we work hard on this project, and bring you newer and better updates on our progress. Working with the people to have their ideas and comments and we hope that you all see what we see in project and know that we will push hard to bring you something new and powerful one day soon.

We fit in here and that's why we are set up and waiting. We're coming directly to you to make
"Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox" a reality, and allow us to do more than we thought we possibly could. This allows us to do our work exactly how it should be done with no compromises! With your help, we can bring all episodes to life and furthermore, we will be able to give you development diaries, and behind the scenes footage of our work. We want you to be right by our side. As
a backer of our project, you'll get access to all sorts of extras. We'll make it worth your while!




The "Revelations: Chronicles of Jericho Fox" project needs the Kick starter funds to expand the core team. The goal will help us pay for software licensing, music, sound design and writing, but primarily it will be used for the art and code.








We will do our best to deliver the highest caliber of packaging possible. We made sure that most of our rewards for our backers will be extras added to the game, and every single piece of physical merchandises was design by members of the team, and will be package and shipped to our backers soon as possible.


Depending on the content we are creating or the Merchandise we are shipping this will take time, and we do have Dates on when we will be able to ship your rewards out, but remember because of you this project will be push to the limit, so we will do all we can to meet the dates or send each reward to you our fans A.S.A.P.


We will have to ask for extra in shipping fees for those that pledge and live out of the United States, and we are thankful for each of you for understanding as well.


We have added a couple of really nice in-game additions to the tiers that consist of becoming a N.P.C, Creating your own Monster, Creating your own Melee Weapon or Long Range Weapon, and have a chance of becoming a Playable Character. Become immortalize by having yourself or your creation in our game.This is a big deal to us and we made sure not to cheat anybody! Check out some of our rewards for our backers, so you can see exactly how good our work really is. You won't be disappointed, we promise.







I appreciate the time you guys took to read over our post, and I hope you see that we are being professional and are ready to
answer any questions you have about this project.

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We have made a list of possible platforms our project will be on, PC will be the first for our Prototype up to Beta for each episodes, but our final production will feature on these platforms, but we have an order of when they will be released for them.




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Looks nice overall.


I have one point of critique though: There's a spelling error in the logo (most prominently visible in the box-art). Unless you misspelled the protagonist's name wrong everywhere else (which seems unlikely), I don't think it should be 'Jericheo'.


Otherwise, good luck with the project!

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I appreciate the comment, but the name is suppose to be Jericho as in the the battle of Jericho in the book of Joshua.

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Hey everybody how are all of you doing well I hope.  We are sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple of days, but we've been very busy enhancing the quality of our game.   Now we are ready to show you all our hard work, and hope you see that we are pushing ourselves 110% to get our names as well as our project known to each of you and more people as well.  In this update you are going to see how we are working towards updating the quality of our visuals, how we are improving our game play for intensive action, and how we are pushing  to make sure you the player feel that you are part of the game yourself.




It’s taking time, but we are currently working on the game play as well as the action sequence for, “C.O.J.F: Awakening: Episode 1,” and I will say I’m very happy with the results of our progress.  The player will be wielding a broken pipe, which he or she will be doing their best to defend themselves against an onslaught of resurrected corpses control by Seth’s Essence.  The corpse won’t be moving at high speed like the zombies in the movie, “Dawn of the Dead,” but there will be a nice group of them that you have to get through and like people say there is strength in numbers. 













What would the game be without seeing the player struggling with the corpse while the entire area is collapsing around them?  Well you tell me because we are also currently working on action button sequences in C.O.J.F: Awakening: Episode 1.  The corpses will be wrestling and also doing surprising dives on top of the player trying their best to eat the player face, and while they try to sink their teeth into your flesh you will have the rapidly press the a certain button (E BUTTON) to get them the hell off of you.  We still currently working on the animations it is taking time, but as you can see from our progress we are doing our best and loving the results.

















Guys you see our progress, and this is only a small amount of time we have to work on this each day because each of us have a full time job that is 40 to 60 hours a week.  Think what we can do if we had time to fully work on the development of this project.  We are willing to go all out, but need the help if not as a pledge please spread the word because we want this to happen.


I appreciate the time you guys took to read over our thread, and I hope you see that we are being professional and are ready to answer any questions you have about this project. 

Thank you for your time and your support.

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I appreciate the comment, but the name is suppose to be Jericho as in the the battle of Jericho in the book of Joshua.


I understand that, which is why I tried to point out that in your box-art it's spelled wrongly as 'Jericheo'.


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