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Dead Sky [Zombie Survival/Tower Defense] alpha build

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I wanted to show some early footage and some screenshots from the alpha build of Dead Sky, a survival zombie/tower defense hybrid. This game features a full story campaign that involves two guys trying to escape the unrelenting onslaught of the undead. Fight your way through sewers, subways, farms, forests, city streets and islands to discover the true story behind the virus. Each zombie/mutant you kill has a chance to drop "Scrap Metal" which you can use at the workbench to build fences, turrets, traps such as mines, bear traps, etc. The zombies also have a chance to drop power ups that can increase your run speed, give you double damage for a few seconds and etc. There are a number of unique weapons as well. Two player online co-op is also supported. However, we are talking about supporting up to 4 players. In multiplayer, the players try to survive as long as they can by helping each other with setting traps/ambushes and other defensive structures to get you through the night.


There are several types of unique zombies/mutants and bosses in Dead Sky that will keep the gameplay interesting. Giant man-eating worms that tunnel underground, eyeballs that shoot laser beams and use zombies for corpse-shields, mutants that spit acid, mutants that stretch their arms to grab and pull you to them. Fireman zombies which are immuned to fire and Swat zombies that are immuned to bullets.


This project has been in development for about two months by a team of two. I am coming here just to get some general feedback but keep in mind this is early footage so feel free to share your opinions.



WIP Website: http://www.shoreboundstudios.com/deadsky/


ss1_sm.jpg ss2_sm.jpg


ss3_sm.jpg ss4_sm.jpg


I hope you guys like what we've done so far and look forward to hearing what you have to say.




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