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I''m using VC++, and have a weird problem with my DX interface pointers. When I use the latest ddraw interface, the Members list won''t display itself. I retrive the interface with the following code: DirectDrawCreateEx(NULL, (LPVOID *)&lpdd7, IID_IDirectDraw7, NULL); But when I later write lpdd7->, the Members list doesn''t pop up. This causes alot of problems because I have to memorize every ddraw function. The Members list always pops up on my own classes other DX structures and pointers of the LPDIRECTDRAW type. Anyone knows how to fix the Members list to pop up on LPDIRECTDRAW7 pointers?

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Well there''s a couple of things you can try:
First, add the DX header to your project (If it''s DDraw, add ddraw.h, etc.).
If it still doesn''t work, try scrolling through the header (After your add it to your project), that sometimes work for me.

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Intellisence in visual c++ 6.0 isn't very reliable.

A number of things can toss Intellisence off:

1. There is an error in your code before the line you typed in.
2. Your library files aren't in the default Visual C++ 6.0 library & header directory (What happens when you use newer versions of DX).
3. Your library files & headers are not in the project.

Obviously there are a couple solutions to the above problems
1. Go back to the line that has an error & fix it.
2. Copy the new DX library and header files into your default VC directories.
3. Add the library and header files in to your project.

Now there is another thing you can do to solve this problem. A company called whole tomato realized that intellisence should've been a whole lot better than what it was. They developed a plug-in for Visual C++ 5 and 6 called "Visual Assist" which adds new features to intellisence, and fixes alot of problems. There is a 30 day trial on their site that you can download and try out. www.wholetomato.com . The program itself is $70 to register but its well worth it's weight in gold.

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