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The Cold War Era Announces Kickstarter Campaign

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"The Cold War Era isn't over, it's just beginning..."

Alina Digital Announces Kickstarter Campaign Bringing The Cold War Era to the Next Level

Dear friends, 

In the games industry we know that Kickstarter is a haven for new, innovative ideas for just about every genre. Usually with Kickstarter video game campaigns, designers want money to get their idea made, promising distribution of the game after its completion. 

Our Kickstarter campaign for The Cold War Era is quite different -- the game itself is already available, and now we want to bring the game up to the next level with an expansion full of fun new features!

Here's a list of bonuses we'll add after a successful Kickstarter campaign: 

? Turn-Based Mode -- Players can choose between RTS or turn-based in both single and multiplayer. 

? Diplomacy Chat -- Converse with your opponent as part of your mind-bending strategics. 

? World Leaders -- Choose a Cold War icon to represent you in the United Nations. 

? Prestige -- Additional Influence rewards for successful military and espionage campaigns. 

? Game Duration -- Choose to play 30, 60, or 120-minute games. 

? Sport -- Gain world influence by succeeding in athletic competition. 

? UN -- Negotiate with other world leaders on the international stage. 

And the #1 new feature the AD team would like to add is... 

THE ARMS RACE -- with this you can build military strength with key technologies to accomplish your specific world domination goals via an easy-to-use tech tree, similar to the game's existing Space Race tech tree. This piece is our "crown jewel," to complete the Cold War in-game atmosphere. We'll be able to add this feature if the campaign reaches its max stretch goal of $7,000. 

We've designed our campaign to truly benefit the contributors. For example, everyone who donates $1 or more gets a chance to preview TCWE for three days, so if you want to check it out before making a contribution it's very easy to do, especially since temporary access codes are sent out the same day donations are received. 

Our Kickstarter campaign is set up to make it almost certain that all contributors will receive their rewards. If the campaign is successful, the most basic goals will be accomplished, and it only goes up from there -- the game gets better and better the more stretch goals we achieve!

So that's our campaign -- it launches today and we hope to see you in the discussion section soon! If you have any questions about our plans for TCWE or our team, please send an email to info@alinadigital.com -- we'd love to hear from you. 

You can also visit the TCWE's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thecoldwarera , Alina Digital's Twitter feed athttps://twitter.com/AlinaDigitalDev , or the official website at www.thecoldwarera.com . 

Kickstarter campaign – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1175173980/the-cold-war-era

About Alina Digital

Alina Digital (www.alinadigital.com) is an independent Canadian game development company. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Alina Digital was founded in 2012 by owner and lead developer Max Sprin.


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