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REALLY strange change in value of character data being pointed at

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Hi, I have an array of char data that holds the UTF 8 character string "%c?????#5C???????#0C?\n"

"???????????????". This string then gets passed to a function with the protoype
CSaveData::UTF8toSJISForce(char *dst,size_t buffsize,const char *src )

like so:

CSaveData::UTF8toSJISForce( szText, sizeof( szText ), tmpBuf );

where tmpBuf is the character data. When stepping through Visual Studio`s debugger the value of tmpBuf is as expected in the function call above, but when entering the UTF8to... function I check the value of src in the debugger and it is now -  "?????#5C?????????#0C????????????????????" which is of course not what is expected. 


The call to UTF8... is in one file and the implementation is in another .cpp file, I`ve checked the encodings of both files and they are indeed both in UTF8 format, so I don`t understand what is causing this error! Please help


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