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Mod in need of help. Ninja: The Secret Society

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The mod in need of help is, Ninja: The Secret Society for Quake 3. We're in need of Modelers, mappers, Coders, animators, shader artists, 2d artists, etc. So if you think you an help send an E-mail to... carpetbutt@hotmail.com Now, for some info on the mod.....Its pretty simple, its pretty much Guards vs Ninja. The Ninja are fast weak and quiet, wheras the guards are slow strong and noisy. There will also feature a Dynamic sword battle system. Here's a little somthing from the design doc (that I just finished updating) about the sword system: -Weapon use: "To use any of the swords and the naginata, you take out the weapon you want to use, hold the attack button and move the mouse in desired direction, the weapon will respond to the angle you moved the mouse by rotating it to simulate real sword combat, such as a piece of cloth moves the angle you moved it. Example: I Click the mouse button and hold it down, mean while I move the mouse to the left the sword responds by first moving from it previous vertical angle to a more horizontal angle with the tip of the sword facing the right part of the screen, then it moves to the left simulating a sword swipe. It does this for all sword weapons, and the naginata." there's quite a bit more to this mod (such as various other weapons and items, different walking speeds with varrying noises, and a realistic grappling hook) but i dont think you feel like reading to much in one post, and im sorta tired, E-mail me, or at least drop by the site if you are interested. Email: carpetbutt@hotmail.com Site: http://www.geocities.com/blackbowarmy/Ninjatc.html Edited by - c--b on October 23, 2001 4:07:52 PM

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