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mobile texture memory padding

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simja    104



So modern mobile GPU's generally all support non power of 2 textures now. Which is wonderful but I can't find any information if they all still pad out the texture in memory. I.e. so even though i have a 64 x 60 texture it will still take up 64 x 64 in memory. 


I would presume it does for efficiency and I could carry out the appropriate tests to make sure but they would only be valid for the specific device I was testing on. Does anyone know where I could find such information or is it just one of those things that everyone presumes but is up to you to check on each device if you want to be sure.





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frob    44908

NPOT support is both mixed and limited.


The OpenGL ES 2.0 standard specifically excludes a bunch of functionality and operations for NPOT textures. Some devices support them, most do not. If you want to make sure you get consistent functionality you will need to consistently use POT textures. Add the tiny bit of padding needed to keep them in power-of-two increments.




Also, 64x64 is a very small texture.  Your poor modelers must feel like pixel artists. sad.png

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