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Noverat - a medieval fantasy RPG

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zmack3d    212

Hello gamedev, 


Here are a few screen of the game I'm currently developing, Noverat. 

It's a medieval fantasy with RPG elements.


I've started this project because I always been a fan of the games that told a story and had an immersive world to explore but lately the gaming industry is focused on big bang projects with one goal on their mind - bigger ROI and somehow the games lost originality (not true for all of them, but I feel that this is the general direction ). So, along with Ana we've founded Tavern Games LLC and started our first project Noverat.


Here are a few screens and if you want to stay in touch with us you can follow us on:


Indiedb at :


facebook at :


trailer on steam at :








Let me know what you guys think.

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