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VS 2012 Graphics Debugger. Connect to running app.

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Its not possible to attach the Graphics Diagnostics Tools in VS2012 to an app that's already running. However, you might be able to run Graphics Diagnostics against an executable using the directions found here: Walkthrough: Capturing Graphics Information Manually, in the procedure To enable the capture of graphics information without loading a project or solution. Of course, there will be limitations on what works since you probably don't have the PDBs, Source Code, or shader assets, but the basic inspection of draw calls, framebuffer, device state and Direct3D objects and resources should work. You just need to know where the application's .EXE is located.


Note that there is a programmatic API that the developer might have employed in order to prevent tools Like Graphics Diagnostics from hooking the application. If they have, you're out of luck, but it seems uncommon that developers have done so. 

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