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Good indie games?

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Pufixas    1167

Hi. So I'm looking for indie games to play. Do you have any recommendations? I especially like puzzle platformers, side scrollers. Or something like that.


My favorite indie games:




Rico - A tale of two brothers

Thomas was alone,




So any games along those lines. Because I'm really getting sick of those repetitive AAA games. I mean REALLY sick.

Is it just me, or there are almost no good modern AAA games? Not counting Portal 1 & 2, and Mirrors Edge, because they are awesome.


But seriously, Battlefield 3 campaign feels just like any Modern Warfare or Black ops games. You shoot something, there are few movie-like scenes but nothing more than that.


Ok i'm not here to rant. 



So do you guys have any suggestions? I am talking about PC indine games. Because I don't own any console. Also android games would be good, but I have very slow phone (600MHZ, OC'd to 806MHZ, 320x240 screen), so I don't think there are good games for MY phone.

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Actually, Shadowgrounds and Trine was by the same company, so you might be able to get them bundled together.


I'm not sure if you'd count it indie, but Dungeon Defenders provided some of the most fun (splitscreen coop, but also online play, and also solo play) for any game I've played, and I probably put in over 75 hours on it. Well worth the money, whether you want to play single-player or coop.


  • Spy Party is pretty fun, but rather intense.
  • Saira was enjoyable while it lasted.
  • I also like to play Galcon Fusion from time to time. Everyday Shooter also.
  • For a single cooperative playthrough, the free game At a Distance was fun. Only lasted 45 minutes, can only be played once, and must be played cooperative on two separate machines (laptops are fine) in the same room.


Most of these games I picked up on sale. I suggest adding them to your Steam wishlist, and get a few during the next major Steam sale.


I've heard really high praise, from people who's opinions I respect, for Bastion. It's on my 'TODO list' of games to play.

Also on my TODO list is: Antichamber, The Witness (not yet released - from the Braid developer), Proteus, and Dear Esther.


I'm heavily into 'experimental' design games, and cooperative games, so my tastes might differ from yours. If I had to suggest any one single-player game, I'd say VVVVVV. If I had to suggest any cooperative game, I'd say Shadowgrounds. But then I'd also recommend Dungeon Defenders as a follow up to either of those suggestions, whether I'm suggesting single-player or cooperative gaming.


These are all indie or indie-ish games.

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Pufixas    1167


  • Atom Zombie Smasher
  • Frozen Synapse
  • VVVVVV (one of the best indie games I've played)
  • Shadowgrounds (for same-screen cooperative play)
  • Shadowgrounds: Survivor (for same-screen cooperative play - but the first was better)
  • Trine (same screen cooperative play, for up to three people)
  • Battle for Wesnoth (opensource TBS)


Great list. Thanks! I will try to check out all of them.

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Ravyne    14300

The Behemoth's games Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers were great fun, and their new game BattleBlock Theater looks fun but I haven't played it yet.

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jbadams    25676

In addition to many of the above you could check out Snapshot -- it's a neat little plat-former with a mechanic based around taking photos to move parts of the scenery.


It's not a platformer or side-scroller, but my wife and I also really liked The Binding of Isaac, and have spent hours playing through it and unlocking many of the ridiculous number of items, additional bad-guys and achievements.

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modred11    132

I used to play a lot of flash games of that sort. I'm not completely certain these are all indie games, I apologize if some of them aren't.


Flash Games:

Non-flash Games:

gah, I know there were dozens of fun indie platformers I played over time, but I don't have a list of them : ( I found most of them (and these) on the indiegames blog and TIG Source, (and by browsing kongregate). I'll try to remember to look when I get home to get a more complete list.


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