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Events for a space empire game

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Navyman    9781

This would be an interesting idea. However, it would require some serious planning to prevent it from becoming boring.

Some ideas could be negoiations with other space traveling people

The defense of colonies

Budget planning

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TechnoGoth    2937



The AI threat - an intelligent AI has begun spreading through the empire.

  • Ships go rogue
  • Production and research drops unexpectedly
  • Constructions orders changed without order
  • Eventually if left unchecked it will convert a colony in a mechanized world and emerge as a new hostile race.

The Quest - The emperor is dying and needs to track down an ancient relic.

  • Charlatans will offer fake leads
  • Fragments and maps will generate new research topics
  • Races and individuals will offer fragments for favorites

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pareto    9

What kind of strategy game are we talking about? Build troops and conquer (star craft) of more of a manage resources game (sim city)?


I like the ideas from Stormynature.


Some addition to that could be


- preperations for a deep space colony expedition

- An alliance gone bad

- a love story

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Prinz Eugn    4418

Anything I could think of would be heavily inspired by Master of Orion, so just look at this:, and Ctrl+F to "random events list" for some inspiration. I particularly liked the space dragon who would show up and threaten to attack you unless you paid it (and would then let you direct it to another player's system if you could cough up the dough).

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