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I''ve been learning code since my sophmore year in highschool. I started with Basic, moved to Pascal, and finally C++ for the past 2 years. I''ve gotten so bored with the same old shit, read from the infile do some random crappy alorithm and print some stupid table. Finally I got fed up with it and emailed a friend of mine. He''s been doing heavier programming for the past few years and he pointed me to his website, where I found a like to your wonderful site. I must say that I am VERY impressed by this website, it has given me something to toy with, learn, and challenge me (and belive me it is a challenge). I find myself looking forward to time at home to learn this stuff (I am a true geek). Anyway just wanted to give a BIG thumbs up to your wonderful site, and go check out my friends program @ thanks uth

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