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Normal Mapping

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markypooch    1315

Hello all,


I found that I make great process in doing things that lead to a more grand picture. Right now I know how to do simple directional lighting in D3D11. While i'm getting more comfortable with HLSL this at the moment is the extent of my knowledge. Something I've been wanting to do for

quite sometime is Normal Mapping. I have already worked with lighting in D3D11 (directional lighting to point lights) and I know how to calculate normals of simple primitives like quads and triangles.


So how would I go about normal mapping a simple quad? I know that I have to find the tangent and Binormals,, I also know that I am going to need a normal map for the texture I am using on the quad.


But other then what I have stated to know, where do I go from here? Should I tackle something first before trying normal mapping? And how would one go about finding the tangent and Binormals of a quad?



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