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Needing some advice and guidance

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Oyed    117

Hello there,


I know you probably hear this a lot, but I'm just starting out really in Games Development and I'd like to start out in C++ Game Development.


I'm not a programming amateur, I'm mainly a Web-based Programmer (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP), but I also know Java and a bit of C++.


My problem is not knowing where to start. I've read a lot and researched Game Development methods and how they work etc., and even made a Game Engine in HTML5 Canvas, what I'm looking for is an up-to-date, well maintained Engine that will aid me in creating a C++ Platformer Game (2D).


And help and feedback is appreciated! :)

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BeerNutts    4400

My suggestion: Go to the For Beginners forum here, and go through 4-5 pages, and read the topics that match this one exactly.


This question seems to come up a few times a day, so you'll find answer spending a little bit of time in that forum.


Good luck!

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