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Decals with deferred renderer

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belfegor    2834

Currently i am adding decals after gbuffer pass with alpha blending overwriting diffuse color. They "inherit" bumpiness of underneath surface:
but then i am unable (at least not cheap) to write to other guffer elements.

I am trying to add something like this (from crydev docs):


so i was reading MSDN documentation about MRTs, but i am not sure what this exactly mean:

Some of the implementations do not apply the output write mask (D3DRS_COLORWRITEENABLE). Those that can, have independent color write masks. This is expressed using a new capability bit. The number of independent color write masks available will be equal to the maximum number of elements the device is capable of.

1. Am i able to disable colorwrite to certain RTs within MRTs with D3DRS_COLORWRITEENABLEn?
2. What caps (if any) to check if device is capable of doing this (as this is not mentioned in the docs)? Ah, nevermind, found it (D3DPMISCCAPS_COLORWRITEENABLE and D3DPMISCCAPS_INDEPENDENTWRITEMASKS).

3. Could you say that it is common for most of all these days DX10-11 capable hardware to support D3DPMISCCAPS_MRTPOSTPIXELSHADERBLENDING ?

4. Any other method you would use for decals like in crydev image?



Thank you for your time.

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MJP    19755

DX10 feature level requires full, independent blending support for multiple render targets. So any DX10-capable GPU should support blending and color write control for MRT's, assuming that the driver enables it for D3D9.

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