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#ScreenShotSaturday question

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Hello everyone :)


How long does it take since the screenshot is uploaded to "newest screenshots" section to appearing in the random voting system. I can't seem to find my screenshot in there even though it's been uploaded 29th June. Did I miss some criteria?


Also I've seen some images of peoples faces being uploaded, do you guys manually filter through the pictures in order to remove them? Just wondering :)


This is great idea, I love it! Nice way to interact with community.

Found out about many wonderful games that are out there :)





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The way it used to work originally before we released it live was that all screenshots would be entered into the game.. but what happened was that there was just a huge number of really basic shots that weren't particularly interesting to look at that kind of took away from the game.   Also, yes.. we do have to manually filter out all the faces/penises that seem to randomly show up in the #screenshotsaturday stream from time to time.  ;)


Right now we selectively go through the images and choose new ones to battle it out.. so there is a bit of a pre-screening process, but it's not perfect.   What was your screenshot link on the site?


Also one thing to consider doing is to make sure you login or link your twitter account.. that way all your screenshots get assigned to your account here.   Right now you can't manage your screenshots much, but that is going to change when we add on a indie project section to this.   The indie project section will allow you to flesh out the details of what you are working on a bit more as well as link to any kickstarters, indiegogo campaigns, sales pages, game website, screenshots, videos, etc.   You can also embed a personal development journal onto the page.   Hopefully this works, but I also want to make it possible to allow a person posting a project to create an automated presskit using presskit() that they can download and upload to a web server of their choosing.  I also want to push out your projects using RSS as well as make available an API, but there is a while to go before I'm there.   If we can make it easy for gaming sites to get all your project data automatically, we can help all the indie devs out.


With the new indie project feature all your screenshots will automatically go into the screenshot showdown, which gives you a chance to become IOTD and also show up in voting.. hopefully as time goes one we can come up with really cool ways to give developers as much support as we can and show off all the amazing work people are doing.


What is the URL to the tweet you sent out?  That may make it easier to track down what happened.

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Your screenshot is now in the running!  Good luck!  ;)   I'm wondering from your perspective what other things you would like to see us do either with the showdown or with indie projects in general.   Any improvements or suggestions are certainly welcome.


I think from creating the showdown it kind of opens up a can of worms for the possibility of doing a lot more.

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I have few ideas, whether they are good its debatable :)


--idea 1--

First of all I would love to have some kind of game jam competition here. Where you winning game is somehow displayed on website for a while as a prize. Maybe have community vote o the winners themselves since there is already similar voting system implemented for sceenshotsaturday. You can check how lundum dare does it under their judging section below on this page http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/rules/. But most likely you guys are aware of that already.


--idea 2--

It would be cool to have achievement/trophy system. Let's call them trophy's during this message since I'm more on PlayStation side :)


The way I imagine it, that there would be new Trophy section somewhere in your profile.


When gaining a Trophy you would get reputation points. The harder is to get it, the more points.


 I would do the system so you can get the same trophy's infinite times or 99 times max. Also one given trophy could be only gained once per day (to stop people spamming certain things). The progress of trophy wouldn't reset each day on other hand. 


When you would have icon of the trophy in the gained trophy's section it would have number on top of it which would mean how many times that person receive this particular trophy.


 Here are some examples of possible trophy's that came to my mind.


//screenshotsaturday eamples

Vote for 5 pictures in screenshotsaturday showdown   -  1 point

Vote for 10 pictures in screenshotsaturday showdown  - 2 points

submit a screenshot to screenshotsaturday showdown - 1 point

submit 5 screenshots to screenshot saturday showdown - 5 points

get your screenshot to Win 10 battles - 1 points

get your screen shot to appear in Image of A Day - 10 points


//forum based 

Post 5 comments - 1 points

Get Voted Up by another members - 3 points

Get  Voted Up 5 times by another members - 15 points

Start New Topic - 2 points

Post an Article - 2 points

Win Article Competition - 25 points

Post in 3 different types of forums - 3 points

Make Friends, Add new contact - 1 point

Write a status update - 1 point


//game jam if its going to be on :P

Win Game Jam Competition - 25 points

Take part in Game Jam Competition - 2 points

Receive rating higher then 8.0 - 5 points (if there is going to be rating system for games when they are judged)




It would be also cool to be able to link your Linked in with GameDev somehow :)


Hope this was any useful :)

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