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Official Trailer and Closed Beta Signups for "Postmortem", Free Indie game where you play as Death in conflict-torn nation!

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You are Death sent to claim a life in a country torn by
a violent domestic conflict and industrial revolution.

How will you choose?


Official Trailer - Watch Now!

We are currently in Closed Beta, so Hurry Up and Register! Don't miss your chance to Preview the game and Influence it's development!

We're also still looking out for one extra writer/editor and potentially graphic artist (in-game sprites, maybe GUI) so if you're interested shoot me an email at info@postmortemgame.com . We'll also be starting a second round of Beta Testing signups soon so keep an eye out!

Please check the Postmortem Homepage
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postmortem-beta-conversation-3.jpg postmortem-beta-search-clothes.jpg postmortem-beta-bookstories.jpg postmortem-beta-the-gala.jpg potmortem-alpha-screenshot-unexpected-de

What is Postmortem?

Postmortem is a short exploratory adventure game taking place in a fictional industrial-age country of Galicia, ravaged by five years of violent rioting between two ideologically and economically divided communities. You play as death incarnate, sent to a fundraising gala with the objective of claiming a single life from any of its attendants and staff.

By exploring the space, conversing with the patrons, and uncovering various clues, you will learn about the world and the characters, revealing how their deaths might (or might not!) influence the country.

But how much should you meddle with mortal affairs? Perhaps a random choice is the fairest? What other effects could your involvement have?

Quick FAQ

What is the state of the game?
The game is now in fully playable, feature-complete Beta! We are now making final design decisions, replacing and polishing placeholder art, as well as editing all writing + story.

What Platforms is it for?
Currently, only a PC release is planned. Will there be more? If it takes off smile.png

Will it be free?
Yup! If the game proves successful, I do have ideas for future episodes and projects that may go commercial, but the original will always be free!

Who is developing this game?
Me, with the help of two talented composers, three graphic artists, and a writer, but I am still looking for extra helping hands. So let me know if you'd like to jump onboard and become a part of the team!

When will it be released?
If all goes according to the plan, August 15!

So who is the author?

I am a travelling Cinematographer, Game Programmer and Web Developer currently living in Los Angeles. Aside from hobby game programming since me tweens, I have worked for two years at a small indie studio that published two titles for PCs and consoles. I also have a Masters in Comparative Ethnic Conflict which, as you can see, inspired much of the setting for the game. This isn't intended to brag so I'm skipping details - if you're still curious you can find more details about me here. Edited by Koobazaur

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Wow, the concept of this game is totally unique and new to me. I think I might have to sign up :)


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USGamer.net writer Cassandra Khaw’s shares her positive early impression of our Beta !

"There have been plenty of discussions about how video games can function as a medium for important messages and Postmortem is a prime example of that."

And from her Twitter:

What I really, really liked about Postmortem, though, I think, was how it dealt with burgeoning feminism in the country. It's surprisingly vivid, and almost a bit unsettling as to how it was presented.

Full Article: Postmortem: Death, Dessert and Political Agendas

postmortem-on-usgamer-frontpage.jpg Edited by Koobazaur

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