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Zido_Z    360

It's been years, but I remember downloading a specific program that allowed me to sort out information, research, characters, and plot points. I cannot remember if it was a script writing software or something else plot related. But since I probably won't remember it anytime soon, I was looking to see if any of you guys use a specific software to help organize your thoughts better or have a recommended list of them. Microsoft Word is okay, but it's not very intuitive to the organizing and creative process.



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TechnoGoth    2937

I've yet to find one sadly.


But I've started developing one for my own use with my writing as well as to learn MVC4 and WPF as my c#  has grown rusty with lack of use over the last year.


I've started with a basic wiki structure for organizing lore and world building.

The next step in my road map is to add structured data to entries and semantic relationships.

Then I plan on adding scene crafting and and plot arcing tools.

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dsm1891    2746



there is one called articydraft. Its pretty good, Ubisoft used it for Assasins creen [what ever the latest one was :/], and lots of other top name devs use it (apparently). From what i have seen it is really good, and from a programmer standpoint, it allows the developers to send all the information needed about almost anything in the game.


Depending on the size of your team it can get a bit pricey. However they do, do student deals (if you are a student). Also, there was an indie company that wanted to use it, but they couldnt afford it, the indie got in touch, and they worked out a  payment plan - use it now, pay when you release the game (or something simular). They are a bunch of really friendly guys so if price is an issue there is no harm in dropping them an email.




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Stormynature    5198

Free writing software that you can have a look at to help determine what suits you best.


Celtx - similar to Articydraft

Sigil - for use in Epublishing -- for example publishing an online handbook for your game

Treesheets - Note taking

Storybook - structures and organisation

Wikipad - create your own wiki

Evernote - multi-platform collaborator

ywriter5 - Scheduler

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