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Problem with Camera and Mousepos XNA

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Dear Guys,


I use a Camera in my 2D XNA Game, and have really Problems to get the right Position of my Mouse Cursor you have maybe a Solution?

        //Klassen Variablen

        public Matrix transform;
        Viewport view;
        public Vector2 center;


        float _width { get; set; }
        float _height { get; set; }
        float _rotation { get; set; }
        float _zoom { get; set; }
        float _camSpeed { get; set; }
        bool _follow { get; set; }

        public Camera(Viewport newView)
            view = newView;
            _zoom = 1f;
            _rotation = 0f;
            center = new Vector2(0, 0);
            _camSpeed = 5f;
            _follow = true;

        #region Kamera Kontrolle

        //Camera Position Updaten

        public void Update(IFocus focus)
            if(_follow == true)
            center = focus.getFocus();
            _width = focus.getWidth() / 2;
            _height = focus.getHeight() / 2;

            transform = Matrix.CreateTranslation(new Vector3(-center.X - _width, -center.Y - _height, 0)) *
                Matrix.CreateRotationZ(_rotation) *
                Matrix.CreateScale(_zoom) *
                Matrix.CreateTranslation(new Vector3(view.Width / 2, view.Height / 2, 0));

If i try to transform the MousePosition aswell, the Mouse is still a bit off the Center if im in negativ Values of the Screen.


mousePos = Vector2.Transform(mousePos, Matrix.Invert(cam.transform));


I cant do any precise shooting or anything else.


maybe you know a answer.


Greetings Move




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hi there,

there is something strange with your camera class, maybe you should provide code for IFocus. why don't you look here, I am using this camera, it is similar to yours. the way you are taking world coordinates for the mouse is right, I am doing it the same way and it is working.

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