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[AABB] two methods who works

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an AABB can be defined using two methods.

The first method is to define an AABB as a min and a max.

Using this methode, extents is the vector 0.5f * ( max - min ), center is 0.5 * ( min + max ).

The second method is to define directly an AAAB as a center and extents.

Both method works but what method do you prefer and why ?

I seen a lot of people who use the min/max method.

XNA use the second (center+extents) and says :

The bounding volume structures are setup for near minimum size because there
are likely to be many of them, and memory bandwidth and space will be at a
premium relative to CPU cycles on Xbox 360.




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Whichever method best fits the problem in hand. If you are always querying min/max points, use that method. If you always query center + extents, use that instead. Converting from one to the other is super cheap, so there isn't really a problem either way (it's never going to cause a significant performance hotspot)

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