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A game about finding secrets.

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Paarth    286

I didn't want to do this due to my experiences with my last time trying this but since I'm curious about it I decided to post it.

This is an Idea that I had a long time and have been constructing it. I don't have any images of it right now but the idea is fixed. Its a game about finding secrets. So here's the idea.

Secret Land

Concept: Its about finding secrets by allowing the player to examine the level in any way he/she wants.
Target audience: The target will be focused at casual gamers. 
Console: The game will be made exclusively for Wii U and 3DS.
Feature set:1. Explore in a large world of secrets that are well hidden.
2. Change the art style to help you solve puzzles to obtain secrets
3.Build homes to avoid getting lost.
4. Build a level and express your secrets with your friends on Miiverse\Streepass

Game Mechanics: The game makes use of the controllers as well as the buttons, touchscreen and the mic. The left analog is used for the movement of the character where as the right one is used to switch the game either in 3d, top perspective or 2d flat.
The gyroscope is used to examine further areas of the level. The touchscreen is used to manipulate the area the player is on or select which mode the player will want the game in. The stylus is used to rotate the camera angle of the level.
The touch screen can also be used to switch the art style of the game. There are 5 art types namely crayon art style, water color art, black and white art, Glow art and doodle art. Each of these art styles serve a purpose in the game. For example, Crayon art allow’s you to draw objects and color them to solve puzzles depending on the type of the puzzle.

The action figure makes the game isometric where characters talk and you face enemies in an RPG style. The shoe makes everything in 2d mode and gives the player the ability to jump. 

Players can also have the ability to record their game experience and send it to Miiverse/Swapnote to their friends\family members. Players can also send images of a particular location and write feedbacks about the location to other members.

The goal of the story mode game is to find 20 jigsaw pieces of the framed picture. Players do this by exploring around the secret land finding treasure chests. These treasure chests can also contain other secrets besides Jigsaws such as a clue of where the next jigsaw piece might be or a secret that is outside the game like Shigeru Miyamoto saying something about his child hood and what he has to say about the player or a video that shows a secret based on other games. E.g How to beat Ninja Gaiden. 

These videos will be played by the developers of the game.
Unlike other games this game does not have a game over nor does it have health. Whenever you get hit by an enemy certain amount of times, you fall into a coma and then after a few seconds, you respawn in a different location. Although the jigsaw pieces can be collected regardless of the amount of failures, some of these optional secrets can only be achieved once failing in which cause the area to be blocked and cannot be accessible permanently unless the player has saved from the last point before entering the secret. 

Story: The game is centred on a young girl who gives a wooden toy to life. She tells to it that the’re playing a game hide and seek. She gives it all the basic equipment so that it can protect itself because she loves it so much that she doesn’t want it to be damaged. So the toy embarks on a quest to find her.
After finding all the pieces, it goes inside the picture only to find out that she was there in the picture all along. The doll rests in peace and she plays with it happily ending the story mode of the game.

Any thing that I can remove/Add would be nice. To me I feel this idea has potential if only I can show more of it.

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kseh    3838

The story you have sounds to me like a fun way to start off an adventure. An over all hide and seek game that includes going on a search for a number of puzzle pieces seems like motivation enough to go out and explore the world talking to whoever you come across and checking out little detail. I'm quite curious about what all the different art styles will let you do in the game. Personally, I think with these elements alone you have the potential for something pretty cool.

Maybe I'm just old, but I'm not really interested in spending time searching around in a game to find secrets about other games that I don't play or that I would already know. And the internet is generally pretty efficient at making such secrets available on demand. When I want to know how to pass a certain part in a game or about some hidden area, I'll want to know that while I'm playing that particular game.

I would much rather find myself engaged in the story that you've written and then the secrets that I find throughout the world would be bits of character exposition or something that builds on the experience of your game.

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wodinoneeye    1689

You might also investigate methods of obtusifying/scrambling positions/optional clues/optional secret variants of these 'secrets' so as to make it harder to simply 'look it up on the internet'.  Combinatorics might eb your friend if with enough optional clues/secrets  you could nullify common cheating.


Numeric/equation puzzles or colorings could confuse things with fairly easy substiturions



scenery variants might make maps harder to snapshot for posting solutions.

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powerneg    2010

Concept: Its about finding secrets by allowing the player to examine the level in any way he/she wants.

Usually, in a puzzle-game, the player is more or less forced to examine certain things, and in the way the developer wants it to.
If you 're realy going to make it as you stated though, it's ll be a lot more work.


And yes i agree with Kesh.

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