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VS2010: any way to auto-save solution (not just the current file) when I hit ctrl+s?

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irreversible    2860

The IDE crashes every now and then, plus my computer has the tendency of not being able to properly go into sleep mode, which forces me to shut it down the hard way occasionally. If the IDE is left open, it'll revert to the last saved solution layout (window configuration and open files, most notably) when I reopen it. As it is, this is generally the last instant that I managed to gracefully close the IDE, forcing it to save the solution. Usually this means that whenever I reopen the IDE all the files I'm no longer working on are open, all my line bookmarks are gone and I have to spend time scrolling around and opening files again to get back to work.


I don't have trouble with missing code or files - just the darn layout being a nuisance.


I know this can (probably very simply) be done with an add-in or an extension, but I'm not sure if I want spend time to get into that just now (at least if possible). Neither can't I find much useful in Microsoft's extension gallery.


Anyone know if there's a hidden option or if someone has the script for this, I'd appreciate it!

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Nypyren    12063

Ctrl+Shift+S saves all files, projects and the current solution, but I'm not sure if it saves the corresponding 'user' files which store the last-opened-files, bookmarks, breakpoints and stuff like that.  You'll have to try it and see if it works in your particular use case.

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