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Looping xWMA sounds with XAudio2

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ehmdjii    238

I am using SharpDX to play Sound via XAudio2 and got problems looping an xWMA file on a certain range. the values LoopBegin and LoopLength seem to be completely ignored when using xWMA files; it always loops the entire soundfile.

However on WAV files these values work like expected.

i was already reading

but i believe i have met all criteria with the values to PlayBegin, PlayLength, LoopBegin, LoopLength etc.

anything specific about xwma data that i am missing here?

i am using this function to set the values in samples since all my files have 44100KhZ


static int MilliSecondsToSamples(double millis)
return (int) (44100.0 * millis / 1000.0);

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