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Universal Civilization

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skmskm    387

This game is clone off Galactic Civilization.

Type 4X strategy, where the action is located in space. Play as the leader of a civilization and take care of her survival and smooth development. Both the management of the galactic empire and struggle are played turn-based system.


Game got Tech Tree made off 69 elements...


link demo:
link full 0.99USD:

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skmskm    387

I made new Version:
-fixed artefacts...
+ lens at suns
+ deathstar biggrin.png
+ starbases
+ tech for starbases/deathstars(construct)
+ politics tab
+ trade(there will be no trade route just income from send unit)
+ infulence take over
+ units can now regenerate HP(nanobots tech)
+ save/load game ony full version
+ starbases can be upgraded (3 stages 4 th is death star)
+ units now consume BC whe off planets
+ starbases cost more than units to hold
+ cat units groups for samler parts
+ communication tech afect political tab


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