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A Project Idea

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I'm soon going to starting my dissertation for my final year of Uni and would like to see if anyone would want or use the Application that I am proposing to design.

A big part of my project is going to scripting and is what I will mainly focus on.

The project I propose is to build upon the existing box2D testbed application (that comes with the C++ sdk) and add Angel Script to the framework. It will work exactly the same as it currently does but rather than having to create a new C++ class and inherit from the framework to add a test a Angel Script file can be loaded and the test can be run and modified while the application is running.

What this will allow is for anyone to prototype new physics within box2D without having to wait and compile the project each time. It will also allow for scripts to be linked via #include so generic pre build scripts (such as a player hit box and movement) can be added to the simulation with ease.

I know there are similar things out there but I would aim to keep box2D registered the same in Angel Script as it is in C++ so the current tests could be remade quickly in the new application.

If anyone would be interested in something like this or want to make any suggestions feel free to do so.

Thank you very much.

- Chris

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