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converting from char[32] to const char *

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Deek880    126

I am trying to create a text outfile for a class object after compile time to record data.
I need a way to convert from char * to const char *;


the following does not work:

void CPlayer::InitTxtFile(char * gamename)

           char buffer[64];

           ofstream myfile(buffer);


Lets say that gamename variable = Vegas. How do I make ofstream myfile(buffer) work the same as ofstream myfile("Vegas.txt");


Any suggestions are most appreciated.


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RazzleGames    146

Please change from sprintf to snprintf.  If your string, gamename, is any larger than 64 chars, minus one for null and minus sizeof(".txt"), you're hosed.

const int BUFF_SIZE = 64;
char buffer[BUFF_SIZE];
snprintf(buffer, BUFF_SIZE, "%s.txt",gamename)

But a better question is why do you need to create this temp char array to begin with?  Why not just use std::string conveniences? 

	void CPlayer::InitTxtFile(std::string gamename)
	   std::string path = gamename + ".txt";
	   ofstream myfile(path.c_str());
	// Calling
	// Assuming, somewhere a ptr of CPlayer was created
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SiCrane    11839

While correct, that's fairly pointless. An array implicitly decays to a pointer to the first element.

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