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Möller–Trumbore intersection algorithm

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football94    211

HI guys


 I just wanted to get some more advice on triangle intersection, Ive looked at

different approaches when it comes to  ray triangle intersection and was just wondering is the

Möller–Trumbore intersection algorithm the best one to use and is it used in

AAA games or does it even matter.







link is wikipedias definition



 a youtube link of a project Ive seen not using Möller–Trumbore

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Vilem Otte    2938
It heavily depends on how do you define "best".

If you aim for speed in F.e. ray tracing, you most likely want either Wald's test or Woop's test (note that both need non-standard definition of triangle).

If you aim for precision, MT test isn't the best either, you most likely want some test that doesn't use ugly epsilon.

If you aim for good test (in terms of speed) and pretty precise test, you most likely want some kind of barycentric intersection test (MT is one of them) - so basically it should work for this purpose.

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