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What are offsets in SDL?

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hi im teaching myself SDL via lazyfoos website and i keep coming across "offset" 
void apply_surface(int x, int y, SDL_Surface* source, SDL_Surface* destination )
  //Make a temporary rectangle to hold the offsets
  SDL_Rect offset;
  //Give the offsets to the rectangle
  offset.x = x; offset.y = y;
im obviously new to all this so please be gentle, im not sure what these actually mean or do? what am i offsetting? is it something to do with where its going to appear on the screen?
thanks in advance Edited by JTippetts
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don't forget what comes after it:

SDL_BlitSurface( source, NULL, destination, &offset );

if you read this


you will see that the rectangle named "offset" is used to pass the position of the surface you want to blit.


edit: so it is simply the position of the surface you want to draw. if i was lazyfoo, i'd have called it "position" instead, haha.


edit: offset makes sense too. it is an offset to the upper left corner of the background surface you want to draw on.

Edited by ultramailman

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As ultramailman explains, it's the position on the screen where you want to draw the image.


However, since 'destination' doesn't have to be the screen (it could be another non-screen SDL_Surface), so it would be the position in 'destination' where you want to draw 'source'.

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