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Hey guys,


So I have been planning to move next to Beginning DirectX11. I have already started reading that book and im moving onto 3D topics, but I just want to ask from professional programmers is it good idea to move on with Directx11? I know C++ pretty well so I was just thinking should I have learned something before Directx11?

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If you feel comfortable with C++, know how to create a window and manage its input and how to draw 2D elements and the basics of how 2D works.
Then go for it! smile.png


When making the transition to 3D i will highly recommend (its a must really) to readup on some math. Not just any math, linear algebra.
The topics to focus on will be vectors and matrices to begin with.

I cant stress the importance of knowing how these mathematical concept work. 


Now if your not that much into math (like my self), dont be afraid.

You dont have to write all the mathematical functions yourself, DirectX will provide you with all that you need.

But, in order to write a 3D application one really need to understand how to use these mathematical functions.

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As stated, linear algebra is pretty important.


Knowing how matrices can be used to transform other matrices (and vectors) will take you far.


I actually did a tutorial, some time ago, explaining a small portal demo, where I cover some of the math involved:


You might find it helpful.

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