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Code for fractal heightmap generation?

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Fractal heightmap terrain is a common algorithm.  I was wondering if there was a pre-existing code library, or even just a snippet, that did this?  It could save me a few days of experimentation if there's already something out there I can use and modify.



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If you don't want to muck around too much with noise you can check out the mid-point displacement algorithm (described here: with height-map source here: ). Otherwise (as the above posters can tell you) you can check out perlin noise ( ) and use a simple fractal algorithm like fractional brownian motion like so: 

float fBm( Vector3 vertex, float H, float lacunarity, int octaves )
float value = 0.0;

for (i=0; i<octaves; i++) {
value += noise(vertex) * pow( lacunarity, -H*i );
vertex *= lacunarity;

return value;

to create cool organic patterns. Creating a height-map is as simple as using the result of an algorithm like that as a color and setting a pixel on your desired map to that color...

Good luck. 

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