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CmasterG    120


I have the following problem. I want to zoom to my object. I have the camera in sphere coordinates. So the camera position has 2 angles and a length. For zooming I want to change the length of the camera, so that the object has the maximal expansion on the screen. The object is a bridge. So it has 8 corner points, which I transformed into screen space. This is what I tried to get the length, but it is not working correct. Can anyone help me? Can anyone see the problem:

float xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax;
	xmin = - m_width / 2;
	xmax = m_width / 2;
	ymin = -(m_height * scale_factor - m_height/2);
	ymax = m_height /2;
	zmin = -m_length / 2;
	zmax = m_length / 2;

	std::vector<D3DXVECTOR4> points;
	D3DXVECTOR4 point;

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmin, ymin, zmin,1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmin, ymin, zmax, 1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmin, ymax, zmax,1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmin, ymax, zmin,1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmax, ymin, zmin, 1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmax, ymin, zmax, 1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmax, ymax, zmax, 1.0f);

	point = D3DXVECTOR4(xmax, ymax, zmin,1.0f);

	D3DXMATRIX worldMatrix, projectionMatrix, viewMatrix;

	for(int i = 0; i < points.size(); i++)
		D3DXVec4Transform(&, &, &worldMatrix);
		D3DXVec4Transform(&, &, &viewMatrix);
		D3DXVec4Transform(&, &, &projectionMatrix); = /; = /; = /; = 1.0f;


	xmin = xmax =;
	ymin = ymax =;

	for(int i = 1; i < points.size(); i++)
		if( < xmin)
			xmin =;
		if( > xmax)
			xmax =;
		if( < ymin)
			ymin =;
		if( > ymax)
			ymax =;

	float width, height, scale, length;

	if(abs(xmax) > abs(xmin))
		width = abs(xmax);
		width = abs(xmin);

	if(abs(ymax) > abs(ymin))
		height = abs(ymax);
		height = abs(ymin);

	if(width > height)
		scale = 1/width;
	scale = 1 / height;


	length = m_Camera->getLength();
	m_Camera->setLength(length / scale);
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slicer4ever    6769
This should probably be placed in general programming(or math?), coding horrors isn't exactly about helping programming problems, it's more about the bad(and sometimes amazing) things people have/seen created.

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