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Name of the game: Inkman

Genre: Platform

Target audience: The game is focused on casual gamers.


Artstyle: The game will use pop art and cartoon art as its artstyle


Game concept: Its about Inkman who saves the world of blotspot with his pen sword which he can use to spray ink , pop bubbles,  absorb colors and cause enemies to slip.


Game mechanics: The game starts with the main character inkman. Inkman can run, jump, stick on walls, absorb/shoot ink colours and use his pen nib to pop bubbles that leave stamps and medals.


Spraying ink on the floor not only allows enemy’s to slip away from the player but also allows inkman to run faster to reach farther places. Whenever inkman gets hit or uses his ink, a portion of his body turns white. When his entire body becomes white, he losses a life. When all lives are lost, the game ends and the player can either continue or quit playing. He can regain his color by either absorbing the color essence  from enemies or by being poured/touched by a color paint.  


The goal of each level is to reach the end of the level that has a black and white picture. Choose which ink color to shoot from top to bottom as there are only five colours. If the five colours match the picture, the player earns five lives.  Some parts of a level will be in black and white and inkman cannot access those parts unless the player finds a black and white picture based on the level segment and spraying colours that are based on the fragments of the picture.


There are certain powerups in the game that enhance inkman’s abilities. These include a color orb which changes the colour appearance of inkman allowing him to spray the new colour. An ink bottle which acts as extra energy bar that allows inkman to spray more ink till the bottle becomes empty And a silver pen nib which allows inkman to spray ink even further.


Some colors that ink man changes create an essence, for example if ink man is red, he can smash rocks. If he is blue he falls slower than before. If he is orange, he can splash colour whenever he lands. If he is black, his ink will push enemies even further.


Hidden in levels are stamps and medals. Collecting  stamps allows inkman to send a message to mailboxes based on the image of the stamp. For example if inkman gets a one up stamp, he needs to go to a mailbox with a one up image to get a one up.

Medals are hidden in difficult areas and while its not necessarily needed to complete the game they can be used to earn more continues/lives, increase the ink bar etc.

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Very creative, sounds interesting!  You've got the possibility of some interesting scenarios there.


What sort of control scheme were you considering?



Was there any particular area you wanted feedback on, or just sharing the idea to see what people think?

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Actually its both.


My only wish is that I can understand how my game will look like in terms of art because I love pixel art, and anything that looks gorgeous like rayman origins or de blob.


Can I ask weather this game can work on smartphones or am I better off making it on ouya? Because To me I personally feel that controlling the character on smartphones will be difficult since these smartphones have this fake d-pad for movement blocking the level part.

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Sounds like it uses some of the concepts in Epic Mickey 2 and The Unfinished Swan.  You should think about how to differentiate your game from those two.


How is it similar to those games?


first off, those games are completely different. meaning that they don't use most of the gameplay that I mentioned like for example being turned into another colour to have another ability and its all about ink. So when I said that some places will be in black and white, it doesn't mean that the whole section is going to be black and white and that you can't access that area until you color the picture frame hidden somewhere in the level. my game is 2d as well and that in inkman, you control a fluid character.  My game doesn't use erasers or pencils to draw nor does the colour change the white pictures in the level. you can absorb colors as a source of energy but only the color that inkman is in.


so maybe its similar to epic mickey 2 but not so much. Inkman transforms into a color which gives an essence to him. If he's orange he has the ability to bounce and if he's green, he can melt metallic objects. But these also affect him as the more he uses his ink, the more he becomes white and when he gets hit in his white form once, he dies.


if its still too similar, I don't think its such a problem to me as I still feel that its different from those two. 

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