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Eamonn Dev Rea

Endless runner tutorial?

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So, I've been really discouraged from programming because of 3 reasons:


1) I can't make an endless runner

2) People make easy game making tools that do not require code(just kills my coding spirit unsure.png )

3) People insult me to my face


Anyway, this post is about "1)", I can't make an endless runner game. "2)" is related to this, you'll see later on.


So, I was googling for a guide on how to make an endless runner, but all I found was this. It's terrible! I can't follow along with the code at all because it isn't indented, and the fact that it's written doesn't help. I've actually found tons of tutorials, but they aren't for pure code: They use "GameMaker", or "Scratch"(which I dislike a lot(writing about them makes my body go stiff with Anger)), etc. I can't find one(other then that crappy one I linked to) on pure code! Any language will do(as long as it's not C++, Objective C or anything to do with Flash)! Java, C, C#, Python, etc! I can't grasp the concepts behind the infinite runner games! How do I randomly generate the platforms?? No one is able to help me! It's like my Eclipse problem all over again mellow.png


I asked somewhere before, and all I was told was "Keep track of the frontier of your maze"... and what the heck was that supposed to do? That doesn't explain how to randomly generate platforms/power ups/coins, etc. I know how to add sprites, play audio, etc.


I'd preferably like Video(I would love one so much!!), but a good, easy-to-follow text tutorial will do.


The reason I said "any language", is because I just need to learn the concepts. I'm planning on using LÖVE, and it's going to be 2D.


Don't tell me off for my feelings against game makers. That's not what this is about. I understand why companies use them(to save time, energy, money, etc), but if your not part of a company you should be coding.


So thanks! Please help! Don't leave any insults(I've bad experiences on forums), just help :)

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