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Hi guys,


I don't exactly know where to post this, so I'll just post it here.


Recently I just tried to make a small tutorial on FMod with c++, located here: .


Soo. I'm basically asking you, if you have time to read it, if you like it or not, and if you can, suggest improvements. (Bear in mind that this is my first tutorial ever written). smile.png


( Please correct me if I'm doing something wrong )


Thank You smile.png



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On the tutorial:

- I would change the title to something like: "Tutorial - how to use FMOD with C++", since you are not implementing FMOD, you are only interfacing with it.

- You should review the text, specially the commas - for instance, the first one shouldn't be there. The grammar is far from perfect, but I can understand it (I am a non native english speaker).

- There are two HTML tags being displayed in the "Sound System Class code" section.


On the code:

- Why do you have an initialize method? Can't you just Initialize it on the costructor? It is a bad pratice to have to call a method so that you can use an object, people will assume that once the constructor is called, the object is ready to use.

- You may use exceptions instead of returning values for error/success.

- I believe the main idea of having a support class is that you don't have to use the classes/structs/functions/methods of the libraries under it. Personally I would change the createSound method to receive only the path to the file and return an ID. Internally you keep a vector with the SoundClass objects. The play sound would receive and ID, and play the sound related to that ID. This way anyone that include your header may completely ignore the existence of the FMOD interface. Also, you can create a destructor so the users don't have to call the releaseSound method themselves.

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I've updated the tutorial a bit, and thanks for the advice!
Btw, i don't know why I didn't think of the articles... huh.png

You can always still post your tutorial as an article here. smile.png IOW, you can have it in two places if you wish.

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