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I want to assemble a team to make this game!

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Hi, everyone!

I want to organize a team of an artist and a game programmer with me as the designer/producer kind of guy I am learning to program and I wanted to try to make a game with some other people. This will be a zero dollar budget game so... VOLUNTEER biggrin.png I was thinking of a randomly generated game that's a combination of Desktop dungeons and Spelunky with the kind of birds eye view a game like Stardew valley has, also it would have four directional movement. An infinite Cave world where you could mine everything except for invincible stone. The tiles would be 32 x 32. there would be stonecoal, iron, and gold so far. you could smelt iron and gold in a forge(forge made from stone), then somehow extract carbon from coal, and then heat it with iron to make steel. Leftover coal could be used to heat forge. Iron, Gold, and Steel could be used to make Swords and armor pieces. Swords would be based off this design. There would also be some kind of evil mob such as a Goblins, or Golems nothing too fancy about them they would just sort of hit you. Which would bring in a simple health system that would regen slowly, you could have 6 hearts and the mob would take away 2 hearts if they hit you. The enemy would have 6 hearts if you hit them you would deal .5 hearts, gold sword would deal 1, iron would deal 2, and steel 3. If you wore a gold armor piece the enemy would deal 1.5 hearts, with an iron armor piece they would deal 1 heart, and with a steel armor piece they would deal 0.5.

I don't want to add in too many features being the producer I need to know when to stop and set a goal. So that is what I have come up with so far if you are interested in being an artist or a programmer leave a reply below and I will message you my skype so we can start communicating via text (mic broke). ALSO CONTROLS: WASD to move about, SPACE to attack in the direction your facing, E to access your inventory, and forge if you are on a tile beside it, last is mining, maybe M? And remember you are volunteering, and there are only two spots (artist, and programmer). I will do the best I can at guiding this project AND...

CRAFTE OUT!smile.png Leave as much feedback as possible.

also leave an app if you would like to volunteer

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