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SDL 1.2 and OpenGL

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doyleman77    367

I want to build my games trying to use SDL, and once I need to get into hardware acceleration, use OpenGL. Various questions come up with this, though. SDL 1.2, which is what I am using now because of the numerous articles and guides and documentation, uses OpenGL 2~ with, from what I read, the Fixed Function method. I keep reading it's an old, archaic and bad way of using OGL nowadays.


SDL 2 is practically out, uses the 3~ version of OpenGL. But it lacks anything really. Sample tutorials on Lazyfoo are around, but nothing to really say what is going on or what parameters to pump in, etc.


I was just wondering, is it better to just throw myself into SDL 2 and tinkering until it clicks, or go ahead and use SDL 1.2, and old OpenGL?


Side note, I think OpenGL is confusing already as it is with SDL 1.2. It seems much more complex than just SDL alone.

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SyncViews    734

I suggest you just going with SDL 1.2 to get some basics going.


Once you really need the new stuff, you will likely be at a level the API documentation is all you need to figure things out and how they differ from 1.2.

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