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Simple Shadow Map Sanity Check Please

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Hi guys,


I'm working with simple shadow maps and can't see how they could ever be used, even with smoothing, but they are so I must be doing something wrong.


I have a pretty tight setup:



// The floor is 16x16 world units and the box height is 6 units.


Here is what happens with various depth bias values:




There is pretty much no way to tune it. I don't cull the back faces except for in the bottom-right image.


Does this look right to you ?


I know I should be using something like variance or exponential but I was having similar issues with those, either peter-panning or worse: massive self-shadowing.


Any help/info will be appreciated. Thanks.


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The last two shots look fine to me. The artifacts will vanish as soon as you have proper lighting - since you only apply the shadow term for actually lit surfaces (N dot L > 0).

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Hey unbird, I finally got it. No self-shadowing and no Peter Pans. It was like you said, I was applying the shadow term to everything and not just to (N dot L > 0), that was my problem all along. I setup a 3x3 filter too and it looks pretty good, so I'm on my way.


I'm going to try exponential now, you'll see me post again when I can't get it to work right :)


Thanks man.

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