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2D leveldesign Illustrator/Photoshop problems

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I'm new here and first of all i want say hello rolleyes.gif


Me and my brother are working on an android game at the moment and we get better and better every day (we startet from the scratch...).

I finished our logo, startscreen, levelmenue, App Icon and so on, but with the first leveltest appeared our problem and we can't handle it.

I use Illustrator an Photoshop for our levels. You can see an example of my work below, that is only a test and not the final result. But i didn't really know how to start... (resolution, ppi all that stuff) so i started without a plan.



The main problem:


i did the first leveldesign and saved it as a .png,  everything's fine but when we imported it in the R.U.B.E. Editor ,my brother is useing, the background and everything gets blurry an totally rough, on the picture below everything looks fine but when we open it in the Editor i gets worse... (same problem with .jpeg)

Can someone tell my how you would start and what is your work procedure, what we need to focus on and is there maybe a tutorial or youtube video i can learn from? I was searching endless hours but no good results...

The resolution is big enough so it can't get blurry but it did, so i really don't know the error. 


Hope you can reproduce my questions, my english is a bit confusing wink.png


Thank you for your help

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I don't know much about the R.U.B.E. editor, but I have a guess as to what may be the problem.  In GameMaker, there is a texture page system.  For Android, the recommended texture size is 1024x1024, and all of the graphics get placed onto several pages of 1024x1024.  If anything is bigger than that size, it gets scaled down to fit, which would create blur.  The editor you are using may be doing to same thing.


To confirm if this is the case, you'd have to know more about R.U.B.E. than I do.  But, a test you can do is to create smaller graphics to test with, like 512x512 or less, just for a test, and see if that gets blurry too.


Assuming that yes indeed it is this problem, you could still create levels by doing a tile based system, or by splitting up graphics into sections and drawing them together.  Then, since the graphics are separate, the editor could put them on different texture pages.  Like I say though, I'm not sure if that is what is happening, but if it is, then the solution is to split things up into smaller pieces.

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Thank you for your reply.

Yeah that could probably be the solution. We will doing some tests at the weekend, hope results getting better then biggrin.png 

Maybe there are other solutions and tutorials, so feel free to share wink.png 

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