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Feedback on my new direction

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I've been a member here for a while but I took a little hiatus 

I upgraded my laptop and I realized I a big problem I was having previously was my equipment. My laptop was not up to par (in its later days its CPU would max loading Gmail) and I find the Mac OS surprisingly more intuitive. 

So, today I loaded up Garageband and did a sample of a new kind of direction I'm taking. I had previously focused on orchestral stuff and notated it all before importation. 

For this song, I loaded the drum loops, and then just played over it using different VSTs. I played with a real keyboard and this made a big difference being able to visualize different roles. It's really not all that different from my rock band when it comes down to it. 

Here's an older song: 

And a newer song with what I think to be better writing and production values. 

What do you guys think? Maybe I'm not ready yet but this song is the first that's got me thinking that maybe I could actually make something decent and contribute to a work. 


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For the Vacancy, I don't really mind with the composition, but probably it needs more velocity variations for both cello and the piano to make it sound not so robotic, unless that is what you aim for.


For the Robot Rythms, It's really cool! You might want to add more effects, especially in and after 0:44.

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