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Medo Mex

Weird Specular Light

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I'm getting the following weird specular light:



Here is the light pixel shader (Directional light):

    float3 lightDir = -lightDirection;
    float3 viewDir  = cameraPos - IN.worldPos;
    float3 halfVector = normalize(normalize(lightDir) + normalize(viewDir));

    float3 n = normalize(IN.normal);
    float3 h = normalize(halfVector);
    float3 l = normalize(lightDir);
    float nDotL = saturate(dot(n, l)) + materialAmbient;
    float nDotH = saturate(dot(n, h));
    float power = (nDotL == 0.0f) ? 0.0f : pow(nDotH, materialPower);

    float3 diffuse  = lightDiffuse * materialDiffuse * nDotL;
    float3 specular = lightSpecular * power;

    float3 texDiffuse = tex2D(colorMap, IN.UV).rgb;
    return float4(texDiffuse * globalAmbient * (diffuse + specular), 1.0);


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Don't let light position to intersect with geometry!

Have you ever seen light bulb embed in concrete wall?


Here is the light pixel shader (Directional light):


Can some moderator delete my crap posts? sad.png

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@Pink Horror: I get a black mesh, I can hardly see any white, and even when I see white it could be taking the shape similar to the red color in the screenshot above and sometimes it's a valid specular light.

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specPower = pow( max( dot( reflectionVec, toEye ), 0.0f ), materialPower );



reflectionVec = lightDirection -  (2 * surfaceNormal * dot( lightDirection, surfaceNormal )) // Use reflect( lightDirection, surfaceNormal )

toEye = cameraPos - IN.worldPos // your viewDir



You dot your viewDir to your reflectionVec not your halfVector.

Edited by BrentChua

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