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Samurai Jack

Single pass ALPHA Texutre + DIFFUSE COLOR?

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My problem is as follows:


1. I have a 32 BIT RGBA texture with colors and ALPHA. The texture contains a logo.

2. I would like to draw the logo transparent on a QUAD which is solid and SIGNLE color. I use:


3. The logo gets drawn, but it is TRANSPARENT. It ignores any BACKGROUND color I would like to use.


So to simplify, I can avoid the problem by:

1. Draw a QUAD of signle color without texturing

2. Draw the QUAD again with ALPHA texture


Why do I have to draw 2 times? Is there a way, I would provide color either glColor or glMaterial and use it in single pass?

I do not use any shaders. Fixed function pipeline ONLY. I have read something about glTexEnv but I do not understand it.


Feel free to post.

Thank you in advance!


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