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Super Gunball Demo Alpha?

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I made an extensive journal entry about my current hobbiest project: Super Gunball.

It's still pretty rough and needs more polish, but it's playable.

You can download and try it out HERE. (Standalone EXE file, but I swear it's clean. No install. ~8MB)


Any and all suggestions and constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Like so many others, I could use an artist to help out with my sprites.


Right now, I'm working on making the social campaign to start gathering interest in this project and Meatsack's Workshop as a brand.

I know I'm still a nobody living in nowhere, but you have to start somewhere, right?

It's a learning process for me.


Thanks for listening.

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After reading through your journal entry i just had to try the game.

Even though my anti virsus told me the .exe was the mother of all bad things i knew it could not be true!


Played through all of the game.

First impression, it is was quite hard to move and jump.

The player turned really fast and i had trubble getting up when i had to do a bounce jump.

The bouncing was great, especially when you hit the sides of obstacles and just bounce away.


One thing that i dident like was during the tutorial part with text describing what to do and how things work.

The text disapeard before i had finished reading it, perhaps make it so that the player has to press a key or something to proceed to the next piece of information.

And i have to say that i laughed out loud when i saw the boss target after all the tutorials.
Just one huge target moving back and forth, was not expecting that! smile.png


This being your first game, wow!

Great work! 
Looking forward to seeing more updates.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I'll give you the honor of recognizing you as the first official fan of this game.


The text boxes have been a pain for me and I'm completely open to suggestions about them.

I agree with your observations and will work on making them more effective.

Having a pause with a keypress event to advance the text is doable.

I'm thinking that I can then center the boxes in the screen so that they are more prominent in the viewing area.


I would like you to elaborate on the movement if you'd be so kind.

Is the horizontal speed too fast to maintain control?

The re-bouncing timing does need some tweaking and I have an idea for that.

I'll make those changes for the next update.


I'm pleased to hear you liked the "boss target".  That's just my kind of humor.

Did you go through the other door on the main screen and play any of the forest levels?

If you were having a hard time re-bouncing, I understand if you didn't.

Remember, if any level is too difficult, "Q" will advance to the next level in the demo.


Again, thanks for giving Super Gunball a try.

The more feedback that comes in, the better the game will become.

Help us spread the word, man.  I want this game to shine.

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Ah i thought i had played all the levels. But i missed alot i see! smile.png
I played a bit more. The forest levels where hard for me, the bounce jump is tricky.

Sadly i got stuck on the level with lots of spike worms. 
I just couldent manage to jump up on one ledge.


One thing i noticed with the forest level was that i had to kill everything.

It was one level where i had missed one wasp and had to jump all the way backup.

Perhaps allow the player to proceed if a limited amount of creatures are still alive. But maybe give reduced score? (if you plan to add score that is)


What i feelt was hard with the horizontal movement is that, it feels like i just nudge the key and i move really far.
This is especially noticeable when bouncing.

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