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How to compile and use FBX model files with VS2012?

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Hi all,


I'm using D3D11 and VS2012.


I've read that VS2012 can automatically compile FBX files during the build phase, similar to HLSL files. I haven't been able to find any documentation on how to do this, though. What build action do I set for the FBX files?


Also, what function or functions should I look up on MSDN / Google that relate to loading the compiled FBX file? A tutorial or stackoverflow link, etc, will work. I just have nothing to go on at the moment, so I don't even know what to Google for. My searches haven't turned up anything.



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There's some information here: Using 3-D Assets in Your Game or App


Basically, add an .FBX file to your project, then right-click and open its properties page. Then set the content type to "Mesh Content Pipeline", hit apply, and then configure the mesh content pipeline settings as appropriate (although I think its just the filename for mesh content).


Anyways, it outputs a .CMO file (Compiled Mesh Object), to load that, see this page, and specifically Chuck Walbourn's reply at the bottom. The DirectXTK library can load .cmo files, as can the DirectX Starter Kit.


There's documentation for the DirectXTK method here.

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