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Cataclysm: Metal Gear Solid

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A Zombie Survival Roguelike
It is the day after tomorrow, humanity is dying and the zombie race is taking over the world. Survive by scavenging cities for food, items and weapons. Investigate mysterious locations, increase your skills, construct, build and improvise, assemble your own car and turn it into a death-mobile. Befriend other survivors, tame and train wild animals. 
Craft, combine and modify various weapons from knifes, spears, swords, crossbows and longbows to pistols, rifles, snipers, turrets, molotov cocktails, flamethrowers, railguns, plasma and laser rifles. Or learn martial arts and fight monsters with bare hands! 
And if you manage to stay alive you may find exciting things such as bionics, which can give you amazing powers not usually seen in mortal hands. Or you may gain a mutation, usually bad, but sometimes very very good. Who knows. Remember to keep your spirits up, but try not to overdose on drugs or alcohol!
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