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game artifacts definition

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I searched in google but my litte mind cannot understand what the heck is a game artifact applied in game design.

Also, if someone could give me more information about that, I would appreciate it.


Thanks for reading this message.



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Where did you originally come across the term "game artefact"?


It's not a term in general use that I'm familiar with, so you'll need to provide some more context on the specific usage you're talking about.

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Purposes and uses of virtual artifacts[edit]
  • In the field of archeology, real world artifacts are modeled/reproduced in a digital environment, where they can be modified, reconstructed, and archived. Also, whole historical sites and buildings (e.g. Theban Mapping Project) are reconstructed in a virtual environment.
  • Virtual artifacts are a crucial part of digital, imaginary game worlds.
  • Artwork (e.g. paintings, interactive installations, music videos) that is presented/archived in a virtual environment can be considered as a virtual artifact.
  • Virtual artifacts (e.g. parts of simulated experiments, models) are used in many areas of scientific research (e.g. medical sciencechemistryastronomy).
  • Designers (such as fashion designers, industrial designers, architects) use virtual artifacts (e.g. prototypes, testing environments) in their work process.
  • Virtual art, artists using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality as a medium produce virtual artworks.[4]



never heard the term myself in relation to game development.


then again, folks are making up new terminology every day. often its just calling something by a different name.


i suspect the term comes from outside the game development industry.

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